Can you help The Rez?

The Rez is a comic book, a podcast and an interactive website. Together they tell a fun and exciting sci-fi adventure story co-created by 9-14 year olds which also contains some strategies for resilience and emotional well-being. It will be distributed to interested schools in the UK, and podcast internationally on all major platforms.

What we'd like to do:

We're looking to interview (by Skype or similar) some keen 9-14 year-olds for about 15 minutes over the next few weeks (with their parents present). We'll ask some questions which work with the themes of some of our episodes, such as:

  • What does 'kindness' mean to you?
  • What are some good things to do when you see that someone is feeling lonely?
  • What do you like most about school? And what do you miss when you can't go to school?
  • What would you do if the internet went down?
  • If you could tell the young people of the future anything you wanted, what would you tell them?

Excerpts of these recordings we collect from un-named, unidentified young people will be heard in the podcast and on the website.

We ran some creative workshops and did some interviews with pre-teens earlier in the year; but now, because of social distancing advice, we are finishing by collecting the rest of the material we need by online means.

How to be interviewed:

If your young person would like to be interviewed, please email our producer Jack F. Jewers ( ) to arrange a time or fill in the form below. We'll send you consent forms which can be signed digitally and sent back to us. We might record you straight over Skype (etc.) or ask you to record yourself on your own device while we interview you and then have you send us the audio file (it's easy, we can explain).

More about Rezilience:

Rezilience has been created by Martin Spinelli (University of Sussex), Lance Dann (University of Brighton), Tim Pilcher (Soaring Penguin Press), and a team of national laureates, BBC writers, and awarding-winning artists and producers, with substantial contributions from young people. It's based on adolescent mental health research done by the CRESS Lab (University of Sussex) and is funded by Arts Council England and our universities. We are GDPR compliant.

Download this information (pdf 100kb)