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The Team

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Preen - Karl Queensborough

Sav - Emily Burnett

JEF- Juliet Aubrey

Sav’s Dad - Ronny Jhutti

Tam - Nathan Bryon

Krispy - Bryony Afferson

Sav’s Gran - Virginia Denham

Zzzzzzzucks - Tom Crowley

Taro - Ciara Baxendale

Gurty and the citizens - Olivia Bennett

Announcer - Alan Gilchrist

E-lon, Robots, Washing Machines, and Artists - Rob Rackstraw

Featuring Monty Dann as the Frisby Pastling and the Safe Space Pastling.


Season 1

Performed by Alan Gilchrist, Rob Rackstraw, and Gemma Arrowsmith.

Featuring piano performed by Lio Spinelli

Season 2

Performed by Rob Rackstraw, Tom Crowley and Olivia Bennett.

Featuring music performed by Lio Spinelli

Friends (from Season 1)

Recorded by Lorna Gaycopp


Season 1

Recorded by Jack Jewers and Martin Spinelli

Season 2

Recorded by James Cox


Alan Gilchrist


Season 1

Neil Hale (including The Rez theme) and Simon James.

Season 2

Orlando Harrison, Neil Hale and Simon James.

Sound Design

Season 1

Simon James, Lance Dann, and Jack Jewers, with Marley Cole

Season 2

Simon James, and Lance Dann with James Trice.

Lead Sound Designer

Simon James


Season 1

Hannah Berry, Lance Dann, Martin Spinelli ,and Gemma Arrowsmith.

Season 2

Hannah Berry, Halima Hassan, Rachael Smith, and Abbigayle Bircham.

Story Consultants

Tim Pilcher with Simon Jowett and Patrice Aggs.

Executive Producer

Martin Spinelli

Series Producer

Lance Dann


Season 1 of The Rez was recorded remotely during the COVID lockdown of Spring 2020.

Season 2 of The Rez was recorded at Sonica Studios in London, Summer 2022.

Distribution is by Gen Z Media.

The Rez Comic (Issue 1)


Hannah Berry

Artist, Colourist, and Letterer

Rachael Smith


James Devlin


Tim Pilcher

Published by Soaring Penguin Press.



Stephen Cooper


Andrew Walker

Additional Game Development

Toby Broyhill Fogg
Stevie Cooper


Social Media Manager

Sophia Castano

Marketing Consultation

Margaret Ousby


Joanne Clayton

Development Workshops

Hopscotch Consulting and Make (Good Trouble)

Schools & Community Outreach

Make (Good) Trouble

Psychological Consultation

Professor Robin Bannerjee (University of Sussex)

Dr Mark Wright (University of Brighton)

Thanks to:

John Anderson

Rachel Burr

Sara Keeny

Margaret Ousby

Tom Walters

John Kent

Jill Hogan 

Greg Childs

Mary Darking

Fred Greenhalgh

Dawn Dann

Special thanks to all the pastlings who gave Preen and Sav such useful and kind advice.

The Rez was created by Lance Dann, Martin Spinelli, and Tim Pilcher and is a production of Rezilience Ltd.

The Rez is funded by:

Arts Council England, The University of Sussex, and The University of Brighton.



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